Great Music Selection

We have music for everyone with hundreds of different channels. We promise you will find all your favorite artists and even discover new ones.

Vast collection of Movies

The days where you had to leave your home to rent a movie is long over. Now you have full unlimited access directly from your home.

Amazing Gaming Platform

Who are we kidding, we all love games and with a subscription to TopicCat, you have access to more than 1300 games within a variety of niches.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are sure you are going to love TopicCat, but should you wish to discontinue your membership, you can do so at any point by contacting our support staff at: [email protected]

Works on Everything

Watch movies on your Smart TV, listen to your favorite music on the go with your handheld device, and enjoy games on your desktop PC/MAC - TopicCat is cross-device and cross-platform!

Support when you need it

Our tireless support staff are ready to assist you whenever it is most convenient for you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

  • "I like the vast selection of channels. Usually I listened to the same kind of music all the time, now I have discovered some cool new artists."

    Kevin Brightmane
  • "Before, I had to pay for music and movies separately. Now I have it all rolled into one, and on top of that I get loads of cool games as well!"

    Lucy Pope

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